Ocean Trailers LtdOcean Trailers have invested in the latest technology to ensure it remains at the forefront of international transport but fully recognise that although the latest technology is required within our industry, this technology cannot out perform the people who use it.
We continue to update the skills of our people ensuring their continued expertise, as well as encouraging their enthusiasm and commitment to both our customers and our company.

Our team consistently monitor market trends across Europe to ensure we understand our customers changing requirements, thus resulting in the changes required within our services.


The Management Team

Ocean Trailers utilise a dynamic team of highly energetic and motivated people, experienced in dealing with the rigorous requirements of FMCG logistics.

From our highly trained drivers, expert traffic planners and fully experienced management team, you can be assured of a highly reactive, innovative response to even the most demanding business needs.

Led by Senior Management who have developed and honed their expertise within the FMCG logistics sector. Ocean Trailers workforce operates as a single, dynamic unit that delivers exceptional standards of service and efficiency at every level.

The Team

To meet the requirements of our customers we have established a well balanced team of experiences multinational operators.