To meet the requirements of our customers we have established a well balanced team of experienced multinational operators.

Our operations department is highly focussed on our customers’ requirements, resulting in high levels of flexibility, efficiency and control in the scheduling process; this allows us to respond effectively to short lead times and just in time deliveries. We can adapt and tailor a cost effective transport solution to suit our customers’ requirements. Our services have evolved to adapt to pressures such as road congestion, driver shortages, reduced lead times and the EU Working Time Directives.

Wayne Cutler-

Wayne is a very experienced professional of both UK and European operations. He will be able to assist with any enquiry you may have.

David Wachowiak –

David controls our cross channel activities and is fluent in English and French

 Maureen Walker –

Maureen is an experienced operator who is responsible for controlling movements within the UK.

Marie Sussum –

Marie is responsible of ensuring that we have timely and accurate information on all collections and deliveries. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Natalie Delaney –

Natalie is our senior accounts assistant and can assist with any accounts enquiries.

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